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Count and Non-Count nouns. This resource contains a list of count and non-count nouns, usage notes and some quizz web site

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Our Linguistic Recommendations and Reminders address frequent language problems in English and French. :

click here to know How to spell the number 40 from Grammarly blog

Aviation English

Aviation English at Dorval airport (YUL). You will hear English-speaking pilots from Canada, Germany and the USA as well as French-speaking pilots from Canada and France, and ATC working in both languages. The French language is one of the few ICAO recognised languages for aviation while English is the ICAO international aviation language, which is  mandatory for international operations as well as the" Lingua franca " for international business around the world.

A short clip on orientation  training on a Boeing 737-800NG simulator

Humoristic Aviation English 101 with George Carlin

Mayflower College -  TEA -

Dictionary of Aviation

Aviation English Academy - Dictionary of Aviation